Encyclopedia Topics Registry


The Mormon Arts Center in New York City is launching an online encyclopedia of Mormon arts beginning with a volume on Mormon music.  We are building the volume on a catalog of 1600 living Mormon composers which we have assembled.  To this comprehensive archive of basic biographical and compositional information, we will add narrative entries on a broad swath of Mormon composers both living and dead and other topics like Mormon organ music.

Eventually, the encyclopedia will rely on a wiki method for compiling entries. Anyone, including composers themselves, can write entries for the encyclopedia.  But to establish a standard of writing and research, we will post approximately fifty edited entries by experts in the field.  We have approached a group of scholars and musicians to register for one or more of these topics.

The entries on average are to run between 1800 and 3000 words. They are to conform to a wiki format exemplified by a sample entry on Leroy Robertson available at “Journal” on the Mormon Arts Center website. To register to write, go to the topics list and select a topic or person that you would like to write about.  Then use the form below to register your name.  We will reserve that topic for you for three months after you register. Once you have registered for a topic, you will receive a work-for-hire agreement specifying the terms.

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