Mormon Arts Center



Mormon Arts Center Donors (As of September 22, 2017

We gratefully acknowledge donors who have contributed to the Mormon Arts Center.


Kem C. Gardner
Samuel S. and Diane P. Stewart


Anonymous (2)
Beesley Family Foundation
Dan and Allyson Chard
David W. and Deborah Checketts
Brian and Rachel Crofts
Emily and J.P. Hanson
Eddie and Jackie Ibanez
Brett and Marcie Keller
David and Linda Nearon
Eric and Shauna Varvel


James and Kathleen Crapo
John and Becky Edwards
David and Angela Glenn
JetBlue Airways
John R. Miller Family
Joel and Colleen Wiest


Mark and Patti Amacher
Todd and Nancy Herget
Jeffrey D. and Jenna Holt
Brad and Melody Pelo
Vincent M. and Diana Rosdahl
JB and Hillary Taylor
Dennis and Martsie Webb


Cris and Janae Baird
Daniel and Diane Bartholomew
William P. and Barbara L. Benac
Richard and Jo Bird
Jeff and Sara Brunken
Karl and Diane Bushman
Serge Bushman and Patricia Shelley Bushman
Richard and Claudia Bushman
Chad and Kristin Christensen
Thomas J. and Carolyn Crawford
Linda S. Daines
Chester and Heidi Elton
Jason and Kristy Glass
Scott and Melissa Higbee
Paul and Kim Howarth
Kevin and Nicole Jackson
New Vision Art
Bryan and Ruth Todd
David and Rachel Weidman


Roger and Kathy Carter
Ariel Bybee and James Ford
Connie Chard
Leslie Hinchcliff Edwards
Michael Fairclough and Joan Ashton
Lillian Handlin
Don and Audrey Hill
Katie and Adam Lindsay
Hannah Miller
Jon Moe and Marilee Jacobson Moe
Jack and Kathy Newton
Scott and Chris Peterson
Mark and Thaylene Rogers
John and Nancy Van Slooten
Brent and Enid Smith
Joe and Jolene Swenson
Bridget Verhaaren
Lynda and Larry Y. Wilson


Lisa and John Adams
Steve and Gena Alder
John Allred
Colorado Faith Forums
Kent and Allison Dayton
Jay and Ellen Eckersley
Carras and Kathryn Holmstead
Tom Hurtado and Laura Allred Hurtado
Alice and Bradley Jardine
Joseph and Annette Jarvis
James Johnston
Brooks and Jana Lindberg
Anthony Moustakas
Glen and Marcia Nelson
Charles Randall and Jann Paul
John Durham Peters
Walter and Linda Rane
Robert Shull
Sean Stevens
Doug and Cinda Taylor


Spencer Ellingson
Gaylen C. and Dana Garrett
Catherine Hall

$1 - $49

Royden Card
Arthen Hughes
Annie Poon
Ryan Rees